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At checkout, Stripe will display our organisation name "UKCOA" (UK Carbon Offsetting Action)

The pie chart below shows how funds will be distributed between our green projects

Green Africa Project (Carbon Offsetting) 80%
Solar & Battery Energy Research Project 10%
Less Landfill Project 5%
Green Business Project 5%

What is an offset?

A carbon offset is the reduction of one tonne of carbon dioxide emissions, the principal cause of climate change.

If you start a project that reduces carbon dioxide emissions, for each tonne of emissions you reduce, you create a carbon offset. Supporting our green projects and offsetting your carbon is a great way to mitigate the impact of your carbon footprint.

How many offsets do I need?

The average person in the USA has an annual carbon footprint of 20-22 tonnes, therefore two offsets at £2/month should be sufficient for the average individual. However, the more offsets you purchase, the more the environment will benefit.

Calculate your carbon footprint using the Calculator

Carbon Footprint

The offsets you purchase are sold as membership services meaning that you are a supporter of The Carbon Purge Project which is run by UKCOA.
No physical or virtual product of any type will be sent to you as you are purchasing offsetting services only. Due to the nature of the business the prices are not subject to taxes. If you need to purchase more than 20 offsets, it's possible to do so by adjusting the quantity during checkout.

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