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Stop waste.

• Americans generate between 250 and 400 million tons of garbage each year.
• The USA has the highest amount of waste generated per person of any country at an average of 4.6lbs/day.
• Only around 10% of solid garbage in the United States is recycled each year.
• The amount of waste generated has tripled since 1960.

We need your help, our friends from across the atlantic, we are starting projects in the USA!

We are very excited to be starting work with Americans to reduce environmental impact and make progress with advancements in technology, we believe in America and with your support we can expand to the USA even more with all the possibilities it brings. Unfortunately the Less Landfill Project is not currently running in the USA and is only in the UK.

However, we do have a serious problem here in our tiny little country and the 5% of your money allocated to this project budget really helps us out! The majority of the money goes to the Green Africa project to offset your carbon footprint giving you a carbon neutral status and the project we do have going on in the USA now is the Solar & Battery Energy Research Project and we are conducting research to find out how we can benefit you the most and then we will launch new projects just for the USA!

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The LLP (Less Landfill Project) has 5% of the money received for offsetting allocated to its budget.