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• The amount of waste generated has tripled since 1960.
• Every year 18 million tonnes of waste is landfilled in UK sites.
• On average every person in the UK throws away their own body weight in rubbish every 7 weeks.
• Americans generate between 250 and 400 million tons of garbage each year.
• The USA has the highest amount of waste generated per person of any country at an average of 4.6lbs/day.
• Only around 10% of solid garbage in the United States is recycled each year.

We are really running out of space for landfill and you should consider this news from The Independent back in 2010:

Of course the amount of waste going to landfill has reduced significantly and recycling has increased due to fines from the EU or so called "landfill tax". However, what about now with Brexit? We need to take action before it's too late!


We are working to reduce landfill further by incentivising recycling, we are partnered with businesses who pay for used vegetable oils, collecting the used oil and converting it into biodiesel which is then used for farming. We are always finding more businesses such as take-aways that would otherwise dispose of their oil wastefully, not knowing they could profit this way.

Furthermore, we are working to increase public awareness regarding recycling and what can be recycling, as it's estimated that 47% of people are confused about what type of items can be recycled as was discovered in this Recycling Waste World Survey.

Other countries have recycling centres where you can get paid to recycle your waste, yet in the UK this incentive does not exist and we are working to change that because we know some of the big reasons people or businesses fail to recycle is because of the time investment sorting out waste and because they feel they get nothing in return. We can change that and we will!

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The LLP (Less Landfill Project) has 5% of the money received for offsetting allocated to its budget.