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We offer tailored plans for businesses to offset their carbon and support our green projects as well as become a Carbon Purge Certified business which you can display on your website, stationary, letters, etc. - Giving your eco-conscious prospective customers more confidence in buying your products or services. Make your business carbon-neutral today!

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Make your business carbon-neutral
Appeal to a much wider audience
Show you protect the environment
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Did you know that 72% of consumers in 2015 would pay more for products and services that come from businesses committed to the environment? Join us to show you're truly committed and reach that extra 72% of consumers!

Nielsen Study: Green Generation: Millenials say sustainability is a shopping priority

How much does it cost?

Prices depend on a number of factors and when you contact us and give us your business details we can tell you how much it will cost. However, to give you an idea of the prices, the average small business pays £12 a month for membership.

The size of your business, number of offices, employees, company vehicles, equipment such as computers or tools, recycling practices, whether you are open 24/7 and have the lights on all night, using energy-efficient light bulbs, air conditioning or heating systems, etc. all affect the price. We can advise you on simple changes you can make to bring down your price.

Can I offset my business carbon footprint online?

Of course! If you already know your annual business carbon footprint simply go to the Purchase Offsets page. The offsets are based on the monthly amount so if your annual carbon footprint is 24 tonnes, you will need to purchase 2 offsets, if your footprint is 25 tonnes, you will need to purchase 3 offsets as it needs to be rounded up to achieve true carbon-neutral status. However, if you purchase the offsets online you will not be eligible for a certificate, badge and/or verification page.

Calculate your business carbon footprint using:

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Available to all types of businesses including sole traders, private companies, public companies, banks, government organisations, cooperatives, partnerships, charities, social enterprises, franchises and overseas corporations. We will perform checks to verify that your business is a legitimate and trading business.

Name must be that of a legally registered business entity and cannot be the name of an individual, sole traders must use their legally registered trading name, in cases where the sole trader is unable to provide a legally registered trading name we are unable to offer business membership. However, the sole trader may still purchase offsets for their business online without business certification. We do not process any personal data.