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The Green Africa Project is our primary project and works by planting trees and crops to offset your carbon, giving you a carbon neutral status. Deforestation is leaving vast areas of land in Africa empty and destroyed, we counter this deforestation by planting new trees and this is funded by our members who subscribe to pay monthly to support these projects.

Many food crops and trees grow well even in Africa's hostile climate. Trees that we plant include Bushwillow, Marula Tree and Jackalberry. Food crops we plant are Corn, Bananas, Soybeans and Sweet Potatoes. Food harvested goes to charities to help aid poverty in Africa and planted forests are protected and managed to avoid further deforestation. The trees and crops planted are never used for profit. We plant in Malawi, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and Namibia.

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The GAP (Green Africa Project) has 80% of the money received for offsetting allocated to its budget.