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We all know solar panel installations are expensive and usually require a generator or mains power backup as well as a battery bank for night time or periods of reduced efficiency (e.g cloudy days). However, solar panel (PV) installations that could generate significantly more power would attract huge investment and massively reduce the use of fossil fuels. The same applies to battery technology which is holding us back, new technology that would allow a single battery to be used in place of a battery bank, saving a huge amount of space and money would obviously be preferred.

Batteries need replacing often which costs a lot of money and involves a lot of waste. We are researching exciting new battery technologies that are emerging and could solve this problem. The result would be that mobile phone batteries would charge faster and hold charge much longer, electric cars would finally become more practical than their fossil-fuel-powered counterparts and storing electricity generated from both domestic and commercial solar installations would make it a much more worthwhile investment for both individuals and businesses as well as major energy providers.

Jaguar Electric Car
2018 Jaguar I-PACE Electric SUV

We believe solar power is more promising than other sources of sustainable electricity such as wind farms, the reason we believe this is because recent advances in technology have seen widespread use of handheld solar products which have many applications and the research in the field is always going to receive considerable investment when you have NASA using solar panels (there's no wind if there's no atmosphere) and wind turbines interfere with GPS, phone, radio and TV signals.

Image Credit: NASA

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The SBER (Solar & Battery Energy Research) project has 10% of money received for offsetting allocated to its budget. SBER Certification is available only to businesses investing directly to this field of research. Individuals can become SBER members to fund the SBER project directly, please contact us to join.