What we do.

Carbon Purge is a trading name of UKCOA, a company committed to supporting green projects worldwide and providing environmental solutions for businesses. We can create a carbon-neutral environment, it's time to give back to the planet.

Join us as a member to offset your carbon footprint and support our green projects, if you are a business you can get business certification from us to show your customers that you are an environmentally-friendly business and ultimately increase sales.

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Effective Solutions

We are trying to save the environment using effective methods such as incentivising eco-friendly business practices and recycling.

Carbon Offsetting

We know it's not easy to be carbon neutral, but we make it possible by providing carbon offsetting services for both individuals and businesses.

Innovation & New Technology

We believe everything can be improved and made more efficient. We are researching exciting new tech that will reduce environmental impact.

Our Projects

We are working on a number of green projects that are designed to stop and reverse the damage being caused to our environment. We are in this together.