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Incentivising environmentally friendly business practices.

We are already providing offsetting services to businesses so they can offset their carbon footprint by supporting our projects, but with this green business project we go even further than that by encouraging businesses that are not offsetting their carbon to consider adopting eco-friendly business practices such as more recycling, reducing the use of paper and we are creating programs so that they can actually increase profit from their waste rather than suffer losses due to disposal costs.

We are encouraging businesses to switch to green web hosting plans, their electricity to be supplied on a green tariff, switching to LED lighting, reducing the use of chemicals, switching to electric or hybrid vehicles and offering employees free passes for public transport, upgrading equipment to more efficient modern equipment while properly recycling the old equipment and whenever using paper or card is absolutely necessary to use 100% post-consumer waste products.

We recommend Kualo Fully-Managed Cloud VPS for green web hosting, their servers are powered by 100% renewable energy!

Green Web Hosting

Do you have a green business?
We offer free certification to businesses who have adopted every possible measure to make their business eco-friendly. The certification requires the applicant to be entirely carbon-neutral which is difficult to achieve when running a business. Free certification is subject to an on-site inspection and investigation* to ensure your business is 100% carbon-neutral and this is kindly funded by the contributors of this project. We can advise what to do if your business is found not to be carbon-neutral.

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The GBP (Green Business Project) has 5% of the money received for offsetting allocated to its budget.
*In some cases on-site inspection is not necessary, see full terms at Free Certification Terms